So, as we all know, the latest hero to be added to the game is the new star and first female character, Vainglory’s newest and most famous character, the edgic hero Vainglory’s newest and most famous character, the edgic hero Vain . Vain’s first win was in AFK Arena and has since begun to be widely regarded as the best hero in the game, and her development has been such that she has been the top voted hero in AFK Arena multiple times.

*GOAL UNLOCKED* I’m happy to announce that I’m now making my own tier list for AFK Arena, my favorite game of the year. AFK Arena is a strategy PVE game, where players can play as a party of heroes to complete quests and complete quests, to gain experience and build up their hero’s level.

The AFK Arena Tier List is a system that rewards players based on the skills they use. Currently there are over 70 heroes in the game. There are 4 tiers in AFK Arena Tier List, for each of the four types of heroes: Tank, Support, Assassin, and Mage. The rankings and rewards of heroes and characters within each tier will change based on the skills they use and the rewards that they bring to the party.. Read more about afk arena best heroes 2021 and let us know what you think.

Are you searching for a list of AFK Arena Tiers? If you’re looking for the best AFK Arena Heroes Tier List, you’ve come to the right place. If so, this page will provide you with detailed information about the game characters. Today, the RPG trend has progressed to the point where the majority of gamers choose to play role-playing games. There are several RPG games on the market, one of which being AFK Arena, which has a large following. Below is all you need to know about AFK Arena and its Tier List.

AFK-Arena-Characters-Tier-List Tier List for AFK Arena Characters

AFK Arena Information

Most individuals like playing AFK Arena, a role-playing game. It takes place in the fascinating planet of Esperia, where four major factions have been at odds for an unknown amount of time. It’s a straightforward game in which you must rescue the planet by assembling a team of heroes from each side.

AFK-Arena-Tier-List-Characters-List Characters in the Tier List for AFK Arena

AFK Arena Tier List

In AFK Arena, there are a few Tiers with a large number of characters from four distinct sides. Below is a list of Tiers, as well as information about a select characters from each Tier.

S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier D Tier
Lyca Arthur Torne Mirael Niru
Rosaline Mezoth Izold Saveas Silvina
Rowan Isabella Estrilda Ira Hogan
Eironn Baden Raine Vedan Ankhira
Mehira Antandra Warek Angelo Golus
Ferael Saurus Grezhul Numisu  
Kaz Solise Seirus Arden  
Nemora Orthros Oscar Vurk  
Brutus Belinda Skriath Thoran  
Tasi Ukyo Gorvo Anoki  
Gwyneth Flora Skreg    
Elijah & Lilah Khazard Oden    
  Safiya Lorsan    
  Fawkes Khasos    
  Wu Kong      

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S Tier

The first tier is the S Tier, which refers to the game’s super or outstanding tier. We listed 12 AFK Arena heroes in this tier.

AFK Arena Tier List, S Tier
Elijah & Lilah

Elijah & Lailah – They are the intelligent based support heroes of the celestial faction. Both of them have their specific jobs. Elijah has a special ability to restore the health point of his allies whereas Lailah focuses on increasing the energy points. Their ultimate ability “Hope” increases greatly the speed of all the relatable heroes.

Elijah-Lailah Elijah & Lailah

Gwyneth Paltrow – Gwyneth Paltrow is a strong persona. When left alone, she belongs to the light-bearer faction, which takes advantage of attribute benefits. She may also lower opponent accuracy and inflict burn damage to them. Gwyneth’s ultimate ability is the “Divine Arrow,” which causes arrows to rain down on her opponents, reducing their health.

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Tasi — Tasi is an intelligence-based support hero who belongs to the Wilderness Faction. She has the ability to dodge assaults as well as steal damage ratings in order to increase her own damage. She may also heal her own teammates, and her ultimate ability “Slumber” puts all opponents to sleep for a short time.

Tasi Tasi

Brutus – Brutus is a Mauler Faction tank hero who is centered on strength. He has a unique ability that allows him to inflict massive harm to his opponents. He possesses a great level of sustainability and may reduce opposing heroes’ defense. Furthermore, the lower his health, the more harm he can do to his opponents.

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Nemora – She is a Wilders faction support hero with a clever base that can easily heel her squad. When her ally’s health is low, she may also replenish his skill. Her charm debuff causes adversaries to turn on their friends.

A Tier

AFK Arena Tier List (A)
Wu Kong

Nara – Nara is the Graveborn Faction’s strength-based warrior hero. She has the ability to paralyze opponents, pull them towards her, and drain the energy of heroes that assault her with her appearance. Butchery, her Ultimate ability, delivers a lot of damage to opponents.

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Hendrik is a light bearer tank hero who is centered on strength. He may use his shield to deflect opponents, defend a teammate from deadly damage, and heal and protect himself when his health is low. His Ultimate ability, “Crippling Blow,” may temporarily daze his opponents.

Hendrik-afk-arena Afk arena Hendrik Hendrik Hendrik Hendrik Hendrik Hendrik He

Ezizh — Ezizh is a Hypogean Faction strength-based support hero. He produces an explosion that causes opponents to burn, a shock wave that momentarily silences the whole area, and eventually destroys the enemy. His ultimate ability, “Fissure,” enables him to mind control an opponent and make them walk towards him without attacking him.

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Wu Kong is a strength-based fighter who belongs to the heavenly side. He may use his rod to strike and reduce the haste points of his opponents. His ultimate ability, “Cloud Clones,” enables him to flee the battlefield and be replaced by three clones.

Wu-Kong-afk-arena Afk arena in Wu Kong

Fawkes – He is a ranger marksman with agility, and he is a member of the light bearer group. He is renowned for fully immobilizing one opponent inside his coffin. He may also heal the allied teams when they are afflicted. Purification, his ultimate ability, damages and removes the buffs from the allied team.

B Tier

AFK Arena Tier List (B Tier)

Khasos – He is a Mauler faction strength-based warrior hero that can battle in melee as well as with long-ranged weapons. He has excellent support abilities, which he uses to help all of the team’s allied players.

Khasos-afk-arena Afk arena in Khasos

Lorsan — Lorsan is a Wilders faction intelligence-based mage with a good-looking appearance. He uses inner sight to mark an opponent in order to enhance the damage delivered by his ultimate. He connects an opponent to himself so that whenever he takes damage, he ensures that the enemy takes it as well.

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Oden – Oden is the Graveborn Faction’s intelligence-based maze that specializes in generating portals and can also conjure lightning from them to inflict AoE damage. He also locks the battlefield’s toughest adversary within before launching them towards the weakest opponent.

Oden-afk-arena Arena Oden afk

Skreg — Skreg is a mauler faction strength-based tank hero who excels at soaking or absorbing targeted ranged assaults. This hero can occupy melee heroes in close proximity to him while forcing his way into the opposing backline. He is immune to knockback and control effects because to his ultimate “Beast of Burden.”

Skreg-afk-arena Afk arena Skreg

Gorvo — Gorvo is a Wilders faction tank hero that relies on his strength and utilizes shields to protect his teammates. He also has a number of crowd control abilities that he uses to obstruct or mind manipulate the opposing heroes. Gorvo can also shock his opponents with a powerful hammer strike.

Gorvo-afk-arena Arena Gorvo afk

C Tier

AFK Arena Tier List (C)

Thoran – Also known as the Fallen King Thoran, he is a Graveborn faction tank hero with an emphasis on getting injured rather than making the most of his assaults. He is more durable than other heroes, and he has a resurrection ability that partly restores his life.

Thoran-afk-arena-e1630581038718 Thoran is currently afk in the arena.

Vurk — He is a mauler faction agility-based ranger hero that is flexible and quick at mobility and group assaults. He has the capacity to avoid the aggression of the opponent. His strikes penetrate through opponents, doing damage to a large number of them in a single assault. “Mania,” his ultimate ability, unleashes a torrent of piercing bolts against opponents.

vurk-afk-arena arena vurk afk vurk afk vurk afk vu

Arden — Arden is a Wilders faction intelligence-based hero who is renowned for tangle roots. It is a crowd control talent that can paralyze up to three heroes at once. He may perform this ability nearly every time the roots expire because to the haste boost.

Arden-afk-arena Afk arena Arden

Numisu – He is a mauler’s faction support hero. He is a witch doctor, which allows him to conjure totems to heal his friends during combat. The totems may help his friends or squad, as well as distract the enemy with taunts.

Numisu-aafk-arena Numisu aafk arena Numisu aafk arena Numisu aa

Angelo — He is a light bearer faction intelligence-based hero that seeks to heal his squad over a lengthy period of time. The greatest part about him is that he can heal many teammates while simultaneously doing harm to the opponent. His ultimate ability, “Love and Peace,” hurts opponents in a wide radius and stops them from attacking with melee strikes.

Angelo-afk-arena Angelo afk afk afk afk af

D Tier

AFK Arena Tier List, D Tier

Golus — Golus is a Maulers faction tank hero with a durable strength-based tank that can substantially reduce incoming damage when attacked at low health. By stunning surrounding enemy heroes, he may keep melee heroes busy. He may also knock back and demolish opposing heroes’ formations.

golus-afk-arena-1 arena golus afk

Ankhira — She is a Maulers faction intelligence-based hero that specializes in inflicting status ailments on opponents. She may also reduce an opponent’s armor rating. Her ultimate ability, “Venomous Bite,” may do long-term harm to opponents with the most health.

Ankhira-afk-arena Afk arena of Ankhira

Hogan- Hogan is a light bearer tank hero with a range of crowd management abilities. He can keep the opponents in front of him occupied and disrupt them whenever feasible. Knights Fury is his ultimate ability, which deals damage and makes deadly strikes on opponents.

Hogan-afk-arena Afk arena Hogan

Silvina — Silvina is a Graveborn faction agility-based hero that is good at spotting particular opponents. This may be accomplished by pursuing the enemy mage with the lowest defensive rating and the opponent with the most amount of energy. Her shield ability, which dissolves the damage dealt to her, allows her to resist blows. Her unique ability “Fatal Strike” enables her to inflict damage that reduces an opponent’s energy level in half.

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Niru — Also known as the Whispering Doom, Niru is a Graveborn faction intelligence-based tank hero that excels in keeping opponents occupied while healing himself and his allies. The tremendous damage of his special ability “Death Call” is well-known.

Niru-afk-arena Arena Niru afk

The AFK Arena Tier List is the subject of this article. If you have any more ideas, please leave them in the comments section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our email for more gaming news. Please share this post with your social media friends. This will encourage us to provide the best service possible.

If you love playing Arena (Arena of Valor), but wish there was a way to play it without having to face the other players, then you are in the right place. This tier list is made to help you find the best heroes and characters to play when AFK.. Read more about afk arena tier list may 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hero in AFK Arena 2021?

The best hero in AFK Arena 2021 is the one that you think is the best.

What are the best AFK arena heroes?

The best AFK arena heroes are the ones that have high health, attack speed, and defense.

Who is the best DPS in AFK arena?

The best DPS in AFK arena is currently the robot, M1-4X.

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