The second installment of the popular zombie survival game made a big improvement on its predecessor but had some slip-ups along the way. Learn from these 8 mistakes and avoid them in your own work to ensure happy endings for all.

The “dying light: the following” is a game that has many mistakes. Players should avoid these mistakes to have an enjoyable experience.

8 Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid

Dying Light 2 Stay Human, like the original game, is a lengthy game in which every action you do has a significant impact on your overall experience and the game’s conclusion. I had no concept that some of my early choices would turn out to be less than ideal and make my life more difficult in the long run. So, in order to spare you from a similar tragedy, I’ve compiled a list of Dying Light 2 blunders to avoid.

Instead of increasing stamina, you should improve your health.

When playing the game, you’ll come across Inhibitors, which, when used in groups of three, provide your character Aiden a one-rank increase in either stamina or health.

Prioritizing Health above Stamina was a mistake I made. In a world consisting with swarms of unfriendly individuals, you’d think Health would be the best option, right? Nope. I made a huge blunder.

In this game, stamina is your greatest friend since it helps you to battle and run for longer periods of time and grants you additional attacks when you are entirely surrounded by zombies. Aiden will also get some incredibly valuable parkour talents as his stamina increases.

So here’s my recommendation: while employing inhibitors, aim for a 3:1 ratio of stamina to health. And you’ll earn advantages like Dart, Dash, and Firm Grip to go along with your high stamina.

Stamina and Damage Boosters are being overlooked.

I avoided employing boosters on my first playthrough either because I didn’t have the patience to create them or because I didn’t want to waste resources that might be used for anything else.

However, I did utilize the boosters in my second run-through, and I was surprised at how much simpler my life became. Because certain bosses take a long time to fight, employing Stamina and Damage boosters may be quite beneficial. They’re not only for bosses, though. When you’re besieged and the only way out is via a vast horde, a damage increase might be the difference between winning and losing.

If you’re not doing parkour every time you get, you’re missing out.

My mind immediately goes to Mirror’s Edge when I think of the finest parkour mechanics in games, but the parkour systems in Dying Light 1 and 2 are also rather amazing. Parkour has a smooth and substantial feel to it, and it can be employed for both traversal and battle.

Because most undead prowl the streets, you will meet conflicts at every step if you choose to go through them. However, if you utilize your parkour talents to stay on rooftops, you’ll be able to retain your gear and weapons for much longer since they won’t wear out. Use Aiden’s abilities to leap from one rooftop to another, grasp ledges, swing from ropes, and climb walls.

mm-1024x5768 Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid Techland provided the image.

Hideouts, windmills, and fast-travel places are not unlocked.

I know, it’s a beginner error, but I was too lazy on my first playthrough of Dying Light 2 to go out of my way to unlock local hideouts. There are a bazillion of them, after all, and they aren’t necessarily on the same route as your current assignments.

Do yourself a favor and don’t make the same mistakes I did. Unlock such spots whenever you can, since they might save your life in the middle of the night when Howlers are following you.

I’m not always carrying UB light bars with me.

Because it’s not always feasible to travel to a UV-safe place, keeping UB light bars on hand is a good idea. They’re also quite simple to make:

  • 20 Scrap
  • 5 Resin
  • 3 Different Colors
  • 1 Oxygenator

If you can’t locate or afford the materials you’ll need to make a UV light bar, keep decoys on hand as a diversion, and they’re easy to make with just 10 Scrap and 1 Can.

Rather of ducking and kicking, I like to block.

As you go through Dying Light 2, adversaries will become more unpredictable in their assaults, and blocking and parrying will no longer suffice. Instead of spending your energy blocking unblockable power strikes, start learning to dodge and kick right away so that when you come across those difficult-to-kill adversaries, you’ll already have the instinct to avoid.

If you take my advise, you should also earn the Perfect Parry and Perfect Dodge perks so that no attacker can ever hit you with a powerful strike.

gggggg-1024x5768 Dying Light 2 mistakes you should avoid Techland provided the image.

Mods are being installed wherever feasible.

A huge blunder. I’ve discovered the hard way that applying a mod straight away will obliterate your chances of extending the life of your weapon. So, instead of upgrading a weapon straight away, save a few mod slots for when you need to enhance the weapon’s durability points.

Not going on an Inhibitor hunt right away

Because you are given a large number of Inhibitors early on, I never felt compelled to go on an Inhibitor hunt, although the boosts they bring would have been useful. So, instead of being like me, go out and experience the world a little more in search of Inhibitors. If it seems like a hard task, just Google “inhibitor locations” and you’ll be able to discover them all. You can truly develop Aiden’s perks with the more Inhibitors you have.

I hope this list of Dying Light 2 errors to avoid helps you out on your first playtime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dying Light 2 have guns?

A: Dying Light 2 is an upcoming first-person survival horror video game that has not yet been released. There are no guns in the game as of now, but there is a chance they may be added later on in development stages.

How do you cheat on dying light?

A: You can find a save point and then quit to the main menu.

Is Dying Light creepy?

A: I enjoy a game that has many different enemies, weapons and skills to use. Dying Light is not creepy at all because there are so many things to do in the game without being restricted by some sort of limit on what you can or cannot do. Theres always more than enough ways for you to improve your character and make it stronger through crafting items like bows, throwing knives, guns etc., which makes me feel safe playing the game with my friends

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